Healthy Birthday Party Food Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Healthy Birthday Party Food Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Apart from the very special guests, and the presents, what are the most important things at a kids birthday party? The answer is great food and good fun. Over 70% of Americans say that eating healthy food is important, especially when it comes to our kids. What we serve at a birthday party can be both fun and good for you at the same time. Celebration food certainly doesn’t need artificial colors and excessive sugar in order to appeal to children. You just need to include some fabulous fresh ingredients and have a little flair when it comes to presentation. There need never be another greasy piece of chicken at your child’s birthday party ever again.

The Ultimate Rainbow Hedgehog

A cheese and pineapple hedgehog is an idea that has come straight out of the 1970s. This sculptural way of displaying food on cocktail sticks was popular in many nations, particularly in Britain, and was considered the height of dinner party sophistication. Using a galia melon or watermelon as the body of your hedgehog, you can display a whole rainbow of fresh fruits. Strawberries and raspberries, orange slices, pieces of apple and pear, kiwis, plums and blueberries work brilliantly. Your children will be racing to try all of the different colors, excited to be eating healthy treats. Even better, there aren’t any artificial food colorings at all.

Raw Birthday Cake

Raw and vegan cakes have been causing a stir as a food revolution. You can find them in the fridges of the most sophisticated bakeries in the country. These natural sweet treats are made from a combination of healthy ingredients that can include coconut oil, maca flour, buckwheat, crushed nuts, fruits, flowers and even charcoal. The basic cake mix can be used to make a sculptured birthday cake that children will love. You can then top your cake with candles and a personalized cake topper. Your birthday guests certainly won’t be missing the processed sugar with a raw birthday cake. And you certainly won’t have to worry about them becoming hyperactive and bouncing off the walls after consuming manufactured food additives either.

“Create Your Own” Cracker Stacks

There are plenty of processed cracker products available in stores, often sold as lunchbox items. Creating your own fresh cracker stacks as party platter, is a far better idea. You can include healthy foods that are free from artificial colors, flavors and additives. On a big tray lay out a selection of different sized crackers to choose from. You can then offer slices of cucumber, carrots, cheddar, ham, pastrami or salami as fillings, to put between the crackers. Children will love creating little towers with their friends, using different combinations of fresh ingredients. You can even offer little pots of cream cheese, or homemade veggie dips for them spread on their healthy cracker stacks.

You child’s birthday party doesn’t have to mean piles of processed foods that are full of sugar. With these great ideas, your little guests will be making healthy food choices and enjoying what they eat

 By Jennifer Dawson 

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