Frequently Asked Questions

We are two professional chefs, dedicated to making healthy eating more convenient. We deliver fresh (never frozen), nutrient-rich, delicious meals once a week depending on what you choose or your preferences. By providing great-tasting food and incredible convenience, we do all of the work for you. No calorie counting, carb-tracking, food journals, shopping, cooking, or dirty dishes. We are the first and and best personal chef service since 2003. Think of us as your chef in a box!

With the exception of a few items that have pasta, all of our meals are gluten free. We use a wheat free soy sauce substitute called Liquid Aminos and don’t use any Carmel coloring either.

Log in to your account, once at profile and settings click on the orange button “Choose Weekly Meals” and system will take you through the process. Choose your weekly meals by Mondays deadline of 2:00 pm, if you forget, no problem our Chef’s will choose for you based on your last order.

We make a fresh chef prepared menu each and every week and rush ship them to you. If you wish you can skip a week by simply logging into your account and selecting the pause button. We ship coast to coast?

We package each meal in BPA-free and recyclable containers that are also oven safe. Each fresh never frozen meal is sealed in a leak-proof film using a low oxygen process that locks in flavor and preserves freshness for up to 10 days! Each order is carefully packaged in fully recyclable shipping containers using non toxic gel ice pack.