Nowadays, chefs are innovating the way we think about food. They are pushing the culinary boundaries by creating new, crazy flavor combinations that defy the expectations of normal food. At Personal Chef To Go, our chefs stay on the cusp of the latest culinary trends and craft weekly menus for our fresh, prepared meals delivered to your home. While these odd pairings are still new and haven’t been popularized yet, these are combinations of flavors are must-tries to spice up any palette.

Peanut Butter And Mango

We’ve all heard of apples and peanut butter. The classic sweet and nutty combo is taken to a whole new level when mango is the sweet element. The salty and nutty, slightly sweet peanut butter perfectly balances out the fiercely sweet and juicy mango flavor. If you need texture, go with crunchy peanut butter and mango slices. It’s a great option atop toast, or simply spreading peanut butter on mango slices.

Avocado And Chocolate

Not many people would think to pair the creamy avocado with rich chocolate. But, it’s a favorite for many who have tried it. The silky textures of both chocolate and avocado compliment one another harmoniously to create a new depth of silky richness. The mild avocado flavor is almost masked by the flavor of chocolate, and who doesn’t like chocolate?

Avocado And Fruit

Avocado is incredibly versatile. Its flavor is mild enough to compliment any accompanying flavor, especially if that flavor is strong. Fruit (specifically in jam form) is a fantastic pair with avocado because the avocado serves as a silky base for the sweet fruit flavor. Strawberry, blueberry, apricot, and orange are great examples of sweet fruits that pair well with avocado.

Potatoes And Lemon

If you love the combo of salt and vinegar in potato chips and french fries, then you’ll love lemon. The tart acidity of the lemon juice is a perfect flavor pair with the salty potatoes. For a new depth of flavor to your french fries, baked potato, potato chips, etc. add salt and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Strawberry And Basil

It might be odd to bring together the herb that epitomizes the flavors of Italian cooking with the sweet tart flavor of strawberries, but it works. The floral strawberry is a perfect compliment to the almost pepper-like flavor of basil. In the summertime, it makes a refreshing combination especially in a cocktail, or strawberry lemonade.

Miso And Butternut Squash

Miso is traditionally seen in Asian cooking, and we may not think of it as a versatile ingredient. However, it is. Its dynamic, savory flavor is perfectly matched with the sweet richness of butternut squash. It makes a warm and delicious miso and butternut squash soup.

Chicken And Coke

This is a more popular, unusual combination. The sweet and syrupy taste of the cola brings a whole new flavor to chicken. Chicken is a meaty blank canvas, and when the flavors of cola are added, it creates a slightly sweet, peppery flavor that you won’t be able to resist. It has become a more popular way to add to turkey at thanksgiving as well!

Melon And Feta Cheese

The epitome of summer is melon. To add to the refreshing and sweet flavor of melon, add goat or feta cheese. The salty flavor and creamy texture of the cheese is a perfect, opposite compliment to the crunchy sweetness of the melon. It makes a refreshing, delicious summer salad.

Mango Or Pineapple And Chile Powder

Tropical fruit and chile powder has been a combination famous in latin cuisine for ages. It may seem odd to those not from south of the border, but it is a dynamite combo. Adding chile flavor to the ultra sweetness of pineapple or mango brings out a more complex flavor profile in the fruit. A great way to add this to your summertime diet is through cocktails, salsas, and marinades.

Bacon And…Anything

Bacon is truly a versatile ingredient. It is becoming famous for going with peanut butter (thank you Elvis), and maple syrup. Bacon’s saltiness complements practically any sweet flavor. It is a favorite paired with banana, and even ice cream! Before knocking this idea, consider adding bacon to your next sweet dish. You won’t regret it.

Our chefs at Personal Chef To Go are constantly pushing the boundaries of meals. Meal delivery should never be boring! We are dedicated to crafting delicious meals delivered straight to your door. Don’t guess whether or not you or your family’s meals will be fresh or delicious. Contact us to learn more.

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