Many people don’t understand just how important it is to follow a healthy diet.

If you were to ask your average American why they don’t eat healthy, they’ll probably give you a million excuses, from “I don’t have time to cook” to “life is too short not to eat what you love.” But, do people really and truly understand what they’re giving up when they don’t follow a healthy diet most of the time? Judging by the sheer amount of fast food and heavily processed foods people consume, as well as how much of a staple these types of foods have become in the traditional, Western diet, we don’t think so. That’s why we’ve set out to help you understand just how much of an impact a healthy diet can have on your life.

Here are the first three of the top six reasons to follow a healthy diet:

#1. You’ll have more control over your weight.

In the United States, more than two in three adults are considered to be either overweight or obese. And, with a thriving diet industry, it’s obvious that weight loss is a huge motivator for Americans. However, no matter how many fad diets you follow or how much time you spend on a treadmill, none of that makes up for following a healthy diet. The fact of the matter is that controlling how many calories you’re taking in, and the quality of the calories you’re taking in, is the most effective way to control your weight.

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#2. You’ll feel happier.

Do you feel like you’re living with a constant cloud over your head? There are a plethora of things that can cause you to feel down or depressed, but not many people realize what an important role food plays in their moods. Maintaining a stable blood sugar level through proper nutrition can leave you feeling happier overall most days. Furthermore, foods that are rich in healthy nutrients are associated with a lower risk of depression. These types of foods include vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

#3. You’ll lower your risk of getting sick.

Diet plays a key role in many different health problems, including the big ones, like cancer and heart disease. People who are overweight or obese have a higher risk of developing many different diseases and health problems. And, to make matters worse, research has found that people who are obese or overweight have a more difficult time fighting these kinds of health problems as well. Not only does following a healthy diet help to lower your risk of getting sick by keeping your weight at a healthy level, it also introduces more nutrients into your diet that keep you healthy.

Learn more reasons to follow a healthy diet when you stay tuned for our next blog.

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