Ensuring that you eat all your vegetables can be hard, even as an adult. As a child, you probably didn’t like the taste or texture of any greens. As an adult, chances are you stray away from your veggies because it takes time to prepare vegetables dishes. And let’s be honest — time isn’t something you have to spare.

But whether you can make time for food prep or not, it’s essential that you incorporate fresh vegetables in your diet in one way or another. The array of vitamins and nutrients you get from fresh vegetables and leafy greens play an important role in your overall health. It’s just a fact!

So what types of fresh foods should you be eating daily? Well, you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to be listing out some of the top fresh vegetables that deserve a place in your meals everyday. And the best part? We have an option for those of you who are hard pressed for time — fresh food delivery services! If you are struggling with preparing yourself healthy meals with all the vegetables you need, you’re going to want to continue reading to learn more about how Personal Chef To Go’s fresh food delivery services can benefit your life.

Fresh Vegetables To Include In Your Meals Daily


For some, asparagus is a delicious, versatile vegetable. For others, it’s a food to stay away from. But if we’re being honest, asparagus is the last type of vegetable you want to push to the backburner. Rich in vitamin B, you’ll be loading up on folate when you eat a serving of asparagus. If you struggle with high blood pressure, asparagus is your friend, as it’s known for battling against it. There are so many ways to cook asparagus, too. Grill a handful on the stove, or even shave them down with a vegetable peeler and put in a salad or on a plate of pasta.


The health benefits of eating spinach are endless. Rich in vitamins C, K, and A, a serving of spinach will give you a load of nutrients you might otherwise miss out on. Simply incorporating a cup and a half into your daily food intake can reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Aside from its nutritional value, the best part about spinach is its versatility. You don’t have to nibble on handfuls of this leafy green throughout the day (that is, unless you want to). Rather, mix some in with your morning scrambled eggs or omelet, add some into a salad, or blend a few leaves in with a fruit smoothie. Don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of the taste of spinach, there are many ways to incorporate it into some delicious meals so you can get your dose of vitamins without scrunching your face up in disgust.


Rich in vitamin C and vitamin K, broccoli is not the vegetable you want to stay away from. While you may have developed a distaste for it during childhood, this powerful vegetable actually helps to lower the risk of some types of cancer. Broccoli also works to detoxify the body and remove free radical and toxins like uric acid. This results in increased blood purification and clearer skin. Whether you steam a cup of broccoli florets or munch on them throughout the day, this is a fresh veggie you’re not going to want to skimp out on.


This might be the food that you despised the most as a child. Maybe the word “peas” makes your stomach churn to this day. But we’re going to be blunt with you — it’s time to get over it. The many healthy benefits of peas far outweigh the taste that may come to mind when you hear, see, or smell this vegetable. Being a low-fat food, peas are an excellent type of veggie to include in your daily diet if you’re trying to manage your weight. Not only that, but from preventing heart disease to warding off wrinkles to promoting a healthy immune system, a serving of peas a day will increase your health in ways you didn’t even know were possible. Mix a handful of peas in with a salad for lunch or dinner, or pack some in a Tupperware to snack on throughout the day. You’ll be doing your mind, body, and skin a favor.

Fresh Food Delivery Services With Personal Chef To Go

Here at Personal Chef To Go, we understand that your busy life and schedule with work and tending to the kids can be overwhelming, and it can result in you not taking the time to cook wholesome meals for your family and yourself. That’s why we are a fresh food delivery service of choice.

We are proud to offer fresh, all-natural meals ready to heat up and eat in a matter of minutes. Our menu includes a wide variety of meal options that are full of healthy and fresh vegetables and ingredients. Our chefs use all-natural foods when preparing each meal. The meals are never frozen and show up on your doorstep ready to eat. All you have to do is put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Don’t let your busy life discourage you from eating a balanced, healthy diet. When you work with Personal Chef To Go, you’re ensuring that you eat healthy while saving time. What could be better?

Get started with our fresh food delivery service today.

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