With the increasing popularity of meal delivery services across the United States, there are, of course, some myths and preconceived notions circulating around them. There are countless reasons as to why you should start using fresh food delivery services. Some of the reasons correlate directly into some of the myths that circulate around them. Here at Personal Chef To Go, we are dedicated to serving and providing our customers with pre-planned meals that only require heating up before consumption. We’re proud of our chefs who use only the freshest all-natural ingredients. And we’re happy knowing that we are helping our customers feed themselves and their families.

If you’re curious about our fresh food delivery services, but still believe some of the myths around them, you’re going to want to continue reading this blog. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you want to place your first order.

Myth #1 – The Food Isn’t Healthy

While it’s understandable why some would assume this about fresh food delivery services, it’s important to stress the word “fresh.” Like aforementioned, our meals are prepared with only fresh, all-natural, and healthy ingredients. From healthy meats to fresh vegetables and fruits, chances are the meals you consume from Personal Chef To Go are healthier than what you’d eat at home. After a long day of working or running errands, you may feel tempted to eat whatever you find in your kitchen, whether that be a bag of chips or a pint of ice cream. And we understand — a busy schedule doesn’t leave much time for healthy food prep. That’s why you should turn to Personal Chef To Go. With healthy meals that only require being heated up in the microwave or oven, you’ll be getting a nutritious, balanced meal you may otherwise not have time to prepare yourself.

Myth #2 – The Food Is Too Expensive

This myth is understandable. But it’s wrong. Fresh food delivery services actually can save you money. How? Well, for one, you’re ordering food that you will eat. When you go to the store to shop for weekly meals, chances are you stock up on items that you’ll only eat once and then store in the fridge “for another time.” But that time never comes and the food rots. You’ve just wasted money on food that’s never been consumed, and you’ve let perfectly good food go to waste. With Personal Chef To Go, you’re purchasing weekly meals that you will eat. You’re ordering meals that come with proportioned ingredients. Nothing goes to waste, and you’re not overspending on food that will only sit in your fridge for months before being revisited. In the long run, you are saving money and you are reducing your food waste.

Myth #3 – The Food Takes Too Long To Prepare

Eh, wrong. This myth is completely false. The point of fresh food delivery services is to save you time. You’re busy working, providing for your family, raising your kids, and taking care of your household. Having a meal delivery service that only requires you to warm up the food and set it in front of your family is an answered prayer. Here at Personal Chef To Go, the process is simple. You take a look at our menu to find the meals you want for the week. You place your order. Our chefs prepare the food for you. It get shipped to you fresh — never frozen. You put the food in the microwave for a few minutes. Voila! Now you have a warm, fresh meal that took you hardly any time.
Now that these myths have been debunked, it’s time you try our fresh food delivery service at Personal Chef To Go. Get the process started today! You won’t regret it.

CTA- Meal Delivery Service Myths Debunked

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