Meal delivery services have become a very popular thing as of late, and it’s not especially surprising that this is the case. Weekly food delivery services are great for a variety of lifestyles, one of those being parents. Now that school has started, the commotion in the house is at its peak. From making sure that homework and school projects are done to ensuring all children are accounted for at after-school activities, it can be challenging to get a healthy, home-cooked meal in there. The great news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Personal Chef To Go is a weekly meal delivery service that makes it easy for you to tackle everything and anything that life throws at you, while still ensuring that you’re providing your children with the healthy meals they need. All of our meals are made from fresh ingredients and are cooked before they are shipped. We’ve used the highest sealing technology to ensure that our meals are fresh for up to 12 days after they are received.

Through our delivery service, you are able to enjoy fresh, healthy meals that have already been cooked. So, when life gets busy, simply throw one of these pre-cooked meals into the microwave for three minutes, and you’re set. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to see how this meal delivery service can help you during this new school year.

Less Time Spent Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is time-consuming, and when you have children that you’re taking to the store with you, it can be overwhelming and frustrating as well. Rather than prepare yourself, both mentally and emotionally, to take the whole family to the store and ensure that you’ve bought all of the items on your list, let Personal Chef To Go do the dirty work. Our meals are pre-cooked, which means grocery shopping just became a lot less stressful and drastically less time-consuming.

Heat It & Eat It

As we mentioned earlier, our meals are entirely cooked before they get shipped to you. Once you’ve received your meals, it’s as easy as placing the meal in the microwave and heating for three minutes. Once it’s warm, you’re ready to eat! This is an ideal scenario for busy nights after school, weekend competitions away from home, or the busier nights where even the easiest of meals to prepare sounds impossible. Let Personal Chef To Go make it easy to stay on top of life while still enjoying delicious meals.

A Menu With Options

When life does get busy our focus on meals is solely on ensuring that there’s one for the kids to eat. During the school year, it’s not uncommon for you to choose the meals that are quick and easy to prepare. Though this will suffice just fine, it’s the quick and easy meals that often lack the nutrients that kids need — especially at this time of year. When you’re making the most of a weekly food delivery service, you’re able to enjoy various recipes all with high-quality ingredients — the best of both worlds!


Feeding a family is challenging, and it’s expensive. Grocery shopping alone will cost you hundreds of dollars a month. Unfortunately, you aren’t able to clock in and out when you begin cooking a meal — though that time is valuable when you’re constantly on the go. If you’re looking for a way to really make the most of your money and your time, then a weekly delivery service is the best route to take advantage of. Though it may seem more costly initially, you are completely eliminating the chance of waste after grocery shopping. Being wasteful with food is one of the easiest ways to throw your money right into the trash can!

Moreover, these types of services allow you to spend your time doing what’s important, and that’s spending it with family. Save the time you’d normally spend cooking and enjoy these extra moments with your families. Now that’s something that’s truly priceless and is impossible to replace.

Get Started With Personal Chef To Go

The school year has only just begun, and we’re sure you’re starting to feel that stress build up. If you’re ready to start making life a whole lot easier, it’s time to get started with Personal Chef To Go. We offer a selection of plans so that you can choose the number of meals that you’re getting and the different recipes that you’d like to have sent out to your home. Because this is a weekly service, you can switch things up as needed so that your delivery meals mesh perfectly with your schedule. It just doesn’t get easier.

Check out the current menu items that we have right now, and contact our team if you have any questions regarding the food delivery services we offer.

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